The IQAC of Indo-American College aims at enhancing the infrastructure facilities, teaching-learning environment, Research, extension activities etc. so as to offer the best education possible to students near and far. So it receives feedback from all the students, parents, alumni, stakeholders and employers, annually, to know their views about the performance of the students, functioning of the college, and the services the college provides. In addition to that, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council mandates a Structured Feedback from all its associates. IAC requests your support and valuable feedback.

Annual Reports on Students Satisfaction Survey
Annual Reports on the Feedback of Students, Alumni, Parents, Stakeholders

The following are the consolidated Report of the tangible results derived from the feedback obtained from the aforesaid. In addition, suggestions and complaints are received orally and in writing, and given due weightage to the same without any prejudice. The issues addressed, and the suggestions received are discussed with the constituted committees, Heads or the Management depending upon its gravity, and the required is done.