Principal's Desk

I am proud to be associated with our Indo-American College which has given me the opportunity to serve the society by educating the youth who could construct and reconstruct the world tomorrow.

Indo-American College aims at developing the all round personality of the students making them Total Quality People. Our college offers a very good education which could develop the necessary skills that are required to face the challenges of the future, and instils in them the virtues that could help them lead a harmonious life.

Our dedicated team of teachers strive in every way to create a platform for students to produce future leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals with necessary skills and aptitudes. We attribute greater importance to students’ career advancement, and offer courses and organise programmes that could catalyse students to compete at the global level. We offer equal importance and encouragement to students who concentrate on extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Welcome! Ours is a green peaceful campus conducive to learning that assures your prosperity!