(Vice-President & Secretary's Desk)

Vice-President & Secretary's Desk

I am conceived of the idea that education alone can move a man from darkness to light. So, I am happy to be a part of this mission of giving education to the rural and the poor students. Our wish, in addition to the process of teaching the required, is to offer a holistic knowledge to students to realize the purpose of their being as individuals.

The motto of our institution is ‘Enter to learn and leave to serve. ‘Realizing that our responsibility is immense, we endeavor to make total quality people.

We have created an infrastructure and a learner friendly environment. We cater to the needs of the students. We start every new course that could fetch job opportunities. We assist you in achieving your academic and career goals through the programs and services we offer.

We make education possible and accessible to everybody.

Best wishes for a success.