Anti-Drug Club

The Anti-Drug Club is a student-led association directed by senior teachers dedicated to educating and advocating against drug use and addiction. The primary goal of this club is to promote healthy and drug-free lifestyles among students, as well as to raise awareness of the dangers of substance abuse.

At IAC, the Anti-Drug Club is an active and engaged group of students who are committed to making a difference in their community. The club holds regular meetings and events, such as guest speaker sessions, drug education workshops, and awareness campaigns, to promote their cause.

The club’s main objective is to create a safe and supportive environment for students who are struggling with drug addiction or have been affected by it in some way. Through their efforts, the anti-drug club hopes to provide resources and support for those in need, as well as to raise awareness of the devastating consequences of drug use.

In addition to their on-campus activities, the anti-drug club is also involved in community outreach and advocacy. Members of the club participate in local events and initiatives to promote drug-free living and raise awareness of the dangers of drug use in the wider community.

By joining the anti-drug club, students at IAC can make a positive impact on their peers and community. Through education, support, and advocacy, the club aims to promote a healthy and drug-free lifestyle for all students, and to provide a safe and supportive space for those who are struggling with addiction.

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Dr.J.Ezhilarasi Principaljezhil18@gmail.com9360682134
Dr.J.Srinivasan AP & Head, Business Administrationsrinivasanapiac@gmail.com9442310856
Mr.G.GopinathAP & Head, Biochemistrygopibif@gmail.com9787432689
Mr.S.SenthilAP & Head, Mathematicssmsmaths@gmail.com9842119138
Mr.S.KarthikeyanAP & Head, Corporate Secretaryship
Mr.D.Sathvika Barani DharanAP, Mathematicsisadhu87@gmail.com9042729592
Dr.K.A.SelvamAP, Microbiologyselvamchinna20@gmail.com9080300897