Rules & Regulations

IAC believes that the best form of discipline is self-discipline. It will bring, peace harmony, happiness and help high levels of academic achievements. The Principal, Heads, Tutors-in-charge of classes and Teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline in the college campus.

Disciplinary action including dismissals shall be imposed on students responsible for disruptive activities. Depending upon the severity of their Acts of grievous nature done outside the college premises will also be considered when taking disciplinary action. There shall be no ragging. Students found indulged in ragging shall be dealt with as per the rules laid down by Government of Tamil Nadu, which may result in dismissal besides imprisonment and payment of penalties. Inappropriate and indecent remarks, vulgarity in speech and action, intimidation, threats, exploitation of weakness and acts of similar nature will be considered serious violation of the codes of the college and will be dealt with severely. The punishment will range from simple warning to expulsions from the College.

Rules and Regulations

From time to time, IAC will formulate rules and regulations along the lines of the policies and guidelines of the college and will be notified to all concerned. These rules and regulations will be fair and reasonable and will be enforced to maintain the just interest of the students and the proper functioning of the college. The principles of fair hearing and due process will be honored whenever disciplinary action is taken. The affected party shall have a right to appeal and be heard by an appropriate committee so constituted representing the interest of all (students, staff and administration etc.) concerned.

College Timing

Indo-American College is a Day College which has a single shift with five instructional hours. The regular College time is between 9.40 a.m to 3.45 p.m. The First bell is rung at 9.40 a.m. and the Second bell is rung at 9.45 in the forenoon, and 1.40 p.m and 1.45 p.m in the afternoon. The students are expected to be present inside the class at the stroke of the first bell.

Mandate for Students

At the stroke of the first bell, the students are expected to be present inside the class and must have taken their seats when the teacher enters the class. Students shall occupy their seats assigned to them in the alphabetical order and shall not change them without the permission of the teacher. No students shall leave the class during the instructional hour without the permission of the teacher. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each hour. A student who is not in the class when the attendance is taken will be marked absent. Late comers will not be permitted to the class without a permission slip from the Principal or a person authorized by him for the purpose.

Damage to College Property

Damage to the College property or stealing by any one including the students, the faculty and administrative staff will be dealt with seriously and the damage will be recovered fully.


Cleanliness of the college premises is everybody’s responsibility. Keeping the toilets clean is as important as keeping prayer room/hall clean. Separate toilets are provided for male and female students. Segregation of the toilets based on the titles is unnecessary. A betel nut chewing and spitting, smoking and chewing gums are strictly prohibited in the College premises.


The students, the faculty and the administrative staff can wear any dress that is decent, clean and is deemed appropriate. There shall be no restriction in the style and color of the dress. There shall be no uniform.


The students, faculty and the administrative staff shall maintain punctuality.

Cheating in Tests

Cheating in examinations, tests and other assignments is considered to be a serious violation of the college policies. Severe disciplinary action will be taken, if proven, according to the established norms of the University.


  • Every student should attend a minimum of 85% of the total working days.
  • All leave applications must be countersigned by the parents or guardian and must be recommended by the Head of the Department.
  • The students absenting continuously for 15 days without a valid reason and proper leave application will be expelled by the Principal.
  • Students suffering from sickness for more than 5 consecutive working days shall produce a valid Medical Certificate.
  • Parents of those students who are irregular in attendance and who Frequently absent themselves and those with less than 85% of Attendance will be notified of their irregularity by post.
  • If the Student fails to secure the required attendance mandated by the University, he/she is liable to pay condonation fee to the University.
  • Continued absence without proper communication will pave way to rejoining of the course as per the norms of the affiliating University.