Hostel Facility

Separate hostels, for boys and girls are available, with modern facilities. The types of hostel accommodation available will be:

  • Furnished double bedroom / triple bedroom with common bathroom for each hostel wing.
  • Furnished conditioned double / triple bedroom with attached bathroom (on request).
  • Single room accommodation will only be available to Final Year students and for Post-graduate students.
  • Allotment of rooms is on first come – first serve basis.
  • While the College will endeavor to allot accommodation to meet the needs of students they should be prepared to accept the rooms allocated to them by the Warden.
  • Inmates of each room are jointly and severally responsible for the condition of the furniture, fittings, etc and any damage to the hostel property is recoverable from them.
  • Guests or outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the hostels without prior permission of the Warden
  • Cable television and Telephone facilities are also available. Your safety is taken care of by specially trained security guards.